Let’s Dance Buzzfeed Style

Bored? Home sick for silly reasons? Here’s something to make time move a bit faster:


The 101 Best Movie Dance Routines Of The Last 35 Years

Also, perfect for scaring all your pets with random dancing and singing. (Lottie does NOT appreciate (500) Days of Summer like I do).

The list feels a bit incomplete since it limits it to the past 35 years and leaves out some pretty awesome musical numbers in favor of lots of Step Up numbers – there ARE more famous and memorable movie scenes.

This is still one of my favorite musical scene in a movie:

Stop the Rock – Apollo 440, from Boys & Girls (2000)

Also, Bring It On and Back to the Future. And all of Newsies. And Get Over It. And of course Not Another Teen Movie. And whatever, I guess I’m just a sucker for music and choreographed dancing.

Plus, what’s an entry without a little awesome dinosaur linkage:

Jeff Goldblum being self-referential and awesome.


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