Super Mario Maker Levels by campciabatta (6)

After a summer hiatus, which I spent glued to this subreddit in particular, and almost reaching 3000 cleared courses while my nutty boyfriend completely destroyed the rest of my stats, we’re back to this fabulous display of old SMM levels (that I’m slowly trying to update and reupload).

Welcome to expert mode, everyone!

I’ve tried to stay semi-active on the subreddit, reviewing others’ levels and submitting mine in different exchanges and contests, which brings me to one of these three gems that I’m considering submitting to next week’s Level of the Week contest, when the theme is Anything Goes:



Mario goes underground in this shopping-related adventure, where the objective is to find a proper hat and a fitting shoe so you’re equipped for the forthcoming terrain. After a quick invisibility frame rush, there’s some tunnel exploring with some nifty mechanics along the way.

The idea for this design stemmed from starting with a screen filled with blocks, and erase after where I wanted the path. This is even more noticeable in the short subarea. I admit that the ending falls a little short; I’ll try to fix that in the next version. I think the last mechanical area is the same as in Prison Break, which is a definite lazy move on my part. Aestethically it looks nice, though!



In this next vehicle, it’s Yoshi’s turn to go somewhere, in this case to visit Bowsie’s castle. And if there ever was a ball in the picture, this is where it was dropped. Specifically in the second part of this level, after completing a series of trials that are/were semi-inventive back when I first made it. I was super careful while I was designing the initial part, pain-stakingly taking every detail into consideration – and then I stuffed Mario into a tube and he fell into a badly designed subworld that feels sloppy and rushed. I don’t know what I was thinking.

I was inspired by the official course Bowser’s Puzzle Dungeon, made by the official creator Bowser (whose level ID isn’t working anymore). My level is less difficult but still rather tedious, with several puzzles and a trolly pit in the beginning. The biggest problem with the idea and theme is that Yoshi isn’t necessarily needed to complete the course – you can take him or leave him after he’s done bouncing across the grinders.

This is a reupload, since I went back to add checkpoints after they were implemented. The next version will do something about the void that is the subworld, and the needlessness of the Yosh.



The final expert level of the day is the properly named boss rush level. Someone tagged it as a puzzle, and even though there’s a couple of puzzles to solve in it, it’s more traditional.

Little Mario starts off in his safe haven box, and immediately runs into a few bosses for every new room. Finally he meets his old foe Bowsie, and has to outsmart him to get to the flagpole. Good luck, boss expert Mario.

I tried and hope I managed to make each section progressively more difficult, while the last boss before Bowser is a large, dangerous puzzle. The weakest link is the Kuribo’s Shoe section, where it’s probably pretty easy to get soft locked (even though no one’s commented on it). The shoe sort of makes it harder if you keep it after clearing that boss, too. I will figure out a solution to it, after fixing all the other problems with the other stages (might take a while).

My personal favorite is the Bob-omb puzzle room, which is probably a bit hard if you don’t know the solution off hand. So many trials and errors went into that room, like you wouldn’t believe. We’ll see if it stands a chance in the culling for the Level of the Week. It’s the strongest one of these three levels, but that doesn’t say much, considering there are SO MANY talented level designers that put SO MUCH work into their levels.

Next time on Super Mario Maker Levels by campciabatta: Presenting to you, three very different levels of three varying styles and difficulties – Mario attempts another boss fight in the Wii U style, Donkey Kong explores his jungle in the SMB style, and finally Mario gets to choose his own adventure in the colorful SMB 3 style. Hooray for choices!

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