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I completed New Super Mario Bros. U today. Now I have to do all the Superstar Road levels, and I can honestly say that I think it’s making me lose my mind.

Effin’ P-runs.

Ahem. Onto the actual subject:



(Pretend that I didn’t highlight the title before PrtSc:ing, ’kay?)

Even before I made my boyfriend purchase this game for my birthday, I already knew I wanted to make a maze, because I love mazes and I love making them. So I made one.

This is my first attempt at making a course, and my first upload, although it was initally taken down, which is why it’s now featured in the middle of all the other crap I’ve created. I tweaked it before uploading it, so don’t worry, there aren’t too many newbie mistakes.

I guess you could say it’s a smidge trollish, but there’s no actual place where you’ll get stuck just for the funsies – not that I’m aware of, anyway. I realized before the second upload that it was a bit too difficult, so I removed most of the troll parts, like coins that lead to death etcetera.

There are more than one way out of this mess, I promise. Don’t fret, Mario, just go towards the light!



Show of hands, who else here hates the Hammer Bros.? No matter what they throw – boomerangs, snowballs, fire – or how they look – fat – or what they do – fly, play soccer, race karts – the Bros. always suck.

So naturally, I made a course dedicated to them. My initial idea was to base it on the Hammer Bros. battles in Super Mario Bros. 3, but it evolved into a much bigger thing – and the course is actually rather popular. It starts off looking very Nintendo-official-like, although the end is up for discussion. And someone managed to die right by the flag pole, and I have really no idea how that is possible… An impressive feat, I must say.

And don’t doubt the leap of faith. It will set you free.



This level will not, however.

Yoshi and Mario are stuck in prison, and have to figure out a way to get out. Style points for those who manage to bring Yoshi along to freedom – I even had to add a comment with a tip, because the thought of Yoshi being left behind was just too sad.

I’m not going to spoil it, because it’s a mini-puzzle on almost one screen with a time limit, so you’ll have to do this one by yourself. Try not to drop your hat, though.

Towards freedom, Yoshi!

Next time on Super Mario Maker Levels by campciabatta: We arrive in Expert Land, where all the courses have a less than 6% clearing rate. Mario goes shopping, Yoshi goes to a castle and we encounter five bosses. No it’s not a fanfic, it’s Next time on Super Mario Maker Levels by campciabatta!

This Mii is out of clever things to say, so here’s a PSA:
Bowsie is a meanie.


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