Super Mario Maker Levels by campciabatta (4)

I kind of had to put this on the backburner, due to the copious amounts of schoolwork we have before our law exam in June. But nothing can keep me from wasting time on video games. Literally nothing.

I also took a small break from the rage-inducing turmoil that is Super Mario Maker and started on another fruitless quest to save that idiot Princess Peach in New Super Mario Bros. U. She should really invest in an upgrade on her private security detail.

Anyways, I have nothing smart to say about New Super Mario Bros. U that hasn’t been said before, so we’ll jump right into some yellow block madness:



One of my favorite random bits in Super Mario World was in the Star World 1 level where you have to spin jump through a cave with turning (yellow) blocks and pick up items on your way down. You also have a red Yoshi to use however you feel like. Your best bet was to bring in or find a feather on the way, to break as much crap as possible.

This design was inspired by that level, although since there are vertical limits to how deep you can make the level it’s only so-so. One comment requested I’d add more clues on how to solve it, so here’s a clue: There are more than one ways to complete it, and it’s not the most obvious and tedious solution. And don’t drop the trampoline. That’s just so unnecessary.



One of those annoying puzzle levels. Nothing too difficult, just the regular ol’ enervations. I haven’t actually played this in a while – I think I got sick of it while trying to upload it, because I found so many small mistakes that needed to be fixed, and had to go back to the course maker about a gazillion times. I think there may be a small chance that you might get stuck in a section or two – quite unintentionally.

I’ll revisit it someday and put everything right in the world, I promise. (Or wait until The Nintendo Powers That Be removes it.)



This last one is the best of the three, and I’m rather proud of it – it’s got a great theme, cool effects, a small puzzle to solve and a good-looking overview map. You can tell that the Boos love hanging out in this courtyard. Just look at ’em!

It’s not too easy, and unless you really don’t have even the slightest ounce of patience, it shouldn’t be too hard either. You start below the clock tower, venture through the small garden to the house, and arrive right below the haunted courtyard. Stop and enjoy the view while the path is being made right before your eyes.

Yes, I’m quite in love with my own course design this time, can’t you tell? It deserves so many more stars, considering stupid Yoshi’s Spooky Adventure received TWICE the amount. What a darn shame.

If you only play one course today, let it be this one. Boo’s Courtyard FTW!

Next time on Super Mario Maker Levels by campciabatta: What do we have for next time? An oldie, a revenge story and the return of our courageous dinosaur. Could things get any better? (They might, but let’s hope not.)



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