LOLs of Buzzfeed – Cuteness Overload Remix

In honor of Lottie’s visit, my favorite Buzzfeeds this week are laugh-inducing and doggie-related. (Because Lottie is a fun dog, duh.)

Look through these when you feel sad, so you’ll stop being sad and be awesome happy instead!

Teacup Pig

33 Animal GIFs that are Guaranteed to Make You Laugh

GIFs That Will Make You Laugh Every Time

The Most Awkward Moments in the History of Dogs

Happiest Moments in Animal History

The Most Awkward Dogs of 2013

The Absolute Greatest Dog GIFs of 2013

Beautiful Nature Photographs Captured at Just the Right Moment

The Best Cat GIF Post in the History of Cats

Dogs Who Are Too Stupid For Their Own Goodthe .gifs are funny, but the captions are too mean. Dogs are adorable, not stupid!

Bonus LOL

People Who Totally Nailed It


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