Stuff on YouTube: Super Mario Maker – Interlude

While waiting for some more insightful course designs of mine, I thought I’d rec some YouTube channels/vids that involve Super Mario Maker. The channels I’ve picked are all different in many ways, and picking your favorite comes down to what you find entertaining. (I watch everything by UberHaxorNova and WhiteHawke.)

I’ve probably missed a few channels, so I’ll come back and add them once I realize it.

And because the entire gaming industry on YouTube seems to have played the infamous and vexing level Companion Spring*, made by Ross (RubberRoss) from Game Grumps, I’m including it as a measuring stick as you look for your favorite YouTuber.

Companion Spring featured on Game Grumps

Companion Spring Features

UberHaxorNova – ”I just want to rip my own Goddamn nose off.”
(In the sequel, James hits himself in the eye with the controller. Hilarity ensued.)

WhiteHawke, during a play through his request list of challenging levels. Regular and troll levels have their own lists.
Watch him play Super Expert like a baws.

Markiplier recently beat the 100 Mario Challenge on Expert. Good for him. Here’s a compilation. (And don’t miss his No Cursing challenge.)

Jacksepticeye has probably improved by now, but he was kind of horrendous when he first started playing.

Eric Van Wilderman takes a stab at the Super Expert difficulty.

…aaand if you’re in a hurry, here’s a compilation made by Velma Hamilton:

Non-Companion Spring Features

Okay, I couldn’t find any Spring vids from the following people – they might have played the level and I just missed it.

Dashie – turn down the volume before you watch this dude play level requests.

Josh Jepson apparently played Companion Spring during a stream. But here’s something almost related.

Non-MarioMaker Features

ZackScottGames hasn’t played Super Mario Maker, but I watch his Donkey Kong gameplays and he’s also played other Mario games, such as Super Mario 3D World.

Seamus (SSoHPKC) plays Super Mario World Hacks, so if you feel like you have a ton of time to spare… There’s also Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy’s Kong Quest.

And no, PewDiePie hasn’t made any Mario-related stuff worth mentioning that I know of.

Bonus: here’s one of the videos from The Creatures’ 2015 24 Hour Charity LiveSCREAM highlights (they raised money for the Colorado charity There With Care, and as they reached different amounts of donations, they all had to complete various tasks).

As they reached the milestone of $16,000, Dex had to eat a spoonful of mayonnaise each time he died while playing Super Mario Maker. (At around 3:40, you can spot the moment when Joe realizes the expiration date of the mayo.)

*I beat Companion Spring in three tries, all thanks to watching about a million videos about it before I made an attempt…


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