Super Mario Maker Levels by campciabatta (3)

Honestly, I have no idea why today’s courses reached the level of popularity that they did. I guess it’s because of Yoshi. That sumbitch is so damn cute and charming.

We start off with a map that kind of looks like an Ice Climber look-a-like…


…or maybe not.



It’s a puzzle for Yoshi to solve. A puzzle with a winter theme.
This design is the most popular and most played out of all my courses. Thank you, Yoshi!
Yoshi’s objective is to struggle through this winter wonderland, press P-switches and grab stilettos from one of those pesky Goombas that keep skipping around in them. There are some hidden bombs to uncover and also some annoying springs to get through. Here’s an insider tip: Ditch the shoe if the bouncy-bounce gets too overwhelming.
Sidebar: Does anyone remember the level Danger – Icy Conditions Ahead in Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island where Yoshi has to ski down an icy mountain with Baby Mario on his back? Brings back memories, doesn’t it? (It should.)



This is by no means an ingenious concept, because everyone’s go-to trick seems to be to copy the first level of the original Super Mario Bros. game with a few additions here and there. Even making a mini-world on one map is an old gimmick. I did put some effort into it, though, and looked up the original level designs online and meticulously copied them over two areas. It’s World 1 and a little bit of World 2, because I got some space left over. It ends with the World 1 Bowsie fight, though. I also had to go back and upload an improved version when it turned out that the water version of World 1-2 is a lot more difficult when the Bloopers keep breaking through the ceiling above from World 2-2 and attack. So I added some hidden stars all over the area, and also put in a few checkpoints (the original version was made before checkpoints were added to the game). You’re welcome.
It’s still rated Expert, but it looks exactly like World 1, doesn’t it? It’s the second most popular of my levels, whee!



The return of the Yoshi! And to be perfectly honest, this level is kind of lame. I was trying to make it look difficult, just so the player can discover the ruse at the end. I won’t spoil it, but the overview of the map kind of gives it away. Yoshi appears at the mid-point, and he’s not even integral to the story.
I think this is the only level that’s got even a slight hint of troll in it. I don’t make troll levels, at least not on purpose. I suppose the only real challenge would be the very end of the level, but it’s still rated Easy by The Nintendo Powers That Be, so I also suppose… not.

That’s all we have for today!

Next time on Super Mario Maker Levels by campciabatta: We look forward to three completely Normal levels. Yellow blocks and a buttload of puzzles can be equally confusing. We also visit a visually stunning courtyard. (Spoiler: It’s haunted)

Yoshi would look awesome as a tattoo, wouldn’t he?
Just look at his cute li’l face!


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