Stuff on YouTube: Cow Chop

I’m rarely as active on my blog as when I have an upcoming law exam to study for…

So, while procrastinating your studies, here’s a YouTube suggestion in case you’ve missed it:

Featuring gamers UberHaxorNova (the guy whose Mario Maker struggles I’m a loyal fan of) and ImmortalHD (who does a lot of CS:GO vids which I know nothing about, but he’s got an awesome dog) from The Creatures… Is that enough links for ya?

Lately, this happened on the channel:

Cow Chop is a new channel and a side-project for them from their work on The Creatures. Besides yelling about fake bombs in suburbian neighborhoods during the daytime, they’re currently playing Shovel Knight and weird Japanese ”games”.

They were also at PAX East (yes, I will stop talking about PAX East soon, I promise) and promoted their channel. I kind of want a T-shirt of their avatar, and not of the actual red/gold logo. Anywho, moo.

I haven’t gotten around to sort the videos into relevant playlists yet, but if you’re into channels with gameplay and randomness and humor, you can check out more recommended stuff from The Creatures, Cow Chop and channels related to them on my Liked Videos list. (I mainly use this account to watch gaming related vids.)

The fact that these two guys also have separate features for their dogs is pretty funny:

The Pup Box with Mishka the keeshound (ImmortalHD)

The Bark Box with Ein the corgi (UberHaxorNova)



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