Super Mario Maker Levels by campciabatta (2)

Let’s return to the regularly scheduled program, shall we?
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Today, we revisit a familiar place; a place up high. In the sky. (It’s the sky.)



The attempt here was to confuse and conceal – although it reminds a lot of Smash ’Em and Bash ’Em and the accompanying piece below, Tiny Mario Saves the Day. ”Oh no, you’ve encountered an entire screen of blocks! What ever shall you do?”
Well, you should fix it. The hint is in the title: find the P-switch. (’Hunting for the P’ didn’t sound as good…) The main problem I had with this course was how to convey how to handle the clown car that is needed twice. I had to go back and tweak it several times because gamers kept committing suicide by trying to break the level. (Well, their Marios kept committing suicide, not the actual gamers.) Explore the subarea in the sky! Find the switch! Try not to die on the way back!



Next on our list is the previously mentioned tiny Mario’s time to shine. He’s so underappreciated sometimes. Here, he literally gets to save the day! Okay, he doesn’t save the princess or anything, and he mostly just stands there… But I’m sure he’s a valuable piece in life’s big puzzle nonetheless!
In this course he enters the airship domain and kicks some Rocky Wrench butt. Like, twice, or something. The Don’t Panic formula goes a long way here as well.
The only upgrade this course went through was to add the signature, which I originally forgot. Yes, I’m a nerd.



Here’s finally an Easy one! I think I was inspired by one of those well-designed courses where the mushrooms are decorated as trees and there’re leaves in them and so on. So in my infinite jealousy of creative people, I made a pipe jungle. There are flowers and stuff. Anything I could find that’s even the tiniest bit green is thrown into this map – and it’s surprisingly popular. What I can’t understand is why people keep dying on the same exact spot.
There are two ways to complete this map, the easy way and the other way. And stop jumping into the big hole in the ground, gamers!

Next time on Super Mario Maker Levels by campciabatta: We enter into popular territory, where we meet our green dinosaur friend (who’s actually blue – what’s that about?).
Confused? You won’t be after this next episode of Super Mario Maker Levels by campciabatta!


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