Super Mario Maker Levels by campciabatta (1)

…and while I’m talking about things nobody cares about: How great wouldn’t it have been to go to PAX East this year? How selfish would it be of me to schedule my next US visit to Kristine to coincide with PAX East? Yes, I base this on the fact that my Twitter is blowing up with copious amounts of tweets from PAX. Yes, I’m that easily affected. No, I will not calm down.

Anyway. The Super Mario Maker Bookmark feature has been a thing for a while, so inbetween my usual paralegal-ing and dog-owning, I’ll be adding some level designs from time to time, as one does when one is 32 and can do whatever the hell one likes.

Anyway, part two. My profile is here and if you couldn’t already guess, my username is campciabatta.

Disclaimer: Sometimes Simon borrows my Wii U and plays on my user. He has also made a few designs and uploaded one of them. If something seems shifty, it’s probably his doing. Also, he’s basically ruining my stats. (To be fair, though, he also earned me one star with his troll level Challenges.)

Let’s start from the very beginning, around mid-October and my birthday:



This one was actually uploaded ON my birthday. The game was a birthday gift from Simon (I picked it and he paid for it) – the entire Wii U console was actually a surprise gift from him, back in May last year.
This water level is your basic water level in a tight space with the appearance of an enemy spam at the end. Those familiar with the physics of bloopers know that the end looks harder than it is. On second hand, maybe it’s not so basic.
Rated Normal by The Nintendo Powers That Be, this gimmick level’s motto is Don’t Panic. A tweaked version will be uploaded when/if TNPTB decides to remove it. Most important: the text will be aligned in the new version.
(Try-Again Maze was technically the first level I created, but it was since taken down and I tweaked it a little, so we’ll get to that one later.)



Only cleared by three gamers, this puzzle map would do well with an update – alas, it’s allowed to stay due to the fact that someone actually bothered to comment on it.
TNPTB rated it Expert, because it’s the kind of level where you have to know what to do to be able to actually do it. Did that not make any sense? Hey, I’m just the course creator, what do I know?
In short: grab the shell, smash the blocks, find more shells, smash more blocks. Watch out for the shells when they bounce back.



The evil and terrifying Bowsie reigns down in his dungeon, where A LOT of gamers have perished trying to defeat him. A satisfying number of gamers have managed to beat him, though, which is why this map is rated Normal.
While working your way to the top of the dungeon, every new section gives you a new enemy to defeat. No, I had not planned for Bowsie’s fireballs to make the top section so much harder. Do fire even travel through solid rock?
I don’t remember if there’s a tweaked version of this level waiting to replace this current one. Also, the reason I’m not putting the images of the courses next to each other is because now you won’t see what a horrible job I did cropping them. Although I just told you. Nevermind.
Actual helpful tip: there is another bomb if you manage to screw up your first attempt. [/helpful]

Don’t worry, the level designs get better with time. Or do they?

Next time on Super Mario Maker Levels by campciabatta: We come up with a shorter name for this feature. Also: we go hunting for stuff and visit the jungle. Stay tuned!


Request your levels below if you feel like it – I may even play them!


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