I can’t think of a title that’s NOT ”My Best Friend’s Wedding”…

As you may know by now, one of my best friends, Kristine, live on the other side of the world. She’s one of the few people I would hang out with every damn day if I could – and if I was richer I would probably visit her every year.

Two days before her birthday (I know, I thought it was a missed opportunity too) last year, she got engaged to her boyfriend, who I’ve known about since around 2007, and who’ve known me since 2010 – the year we all went to Bronx Zoo together and Kristine nearly kicked some lady’s ass.

The infamous zoo day.

Kristine is the first of my friends to get married and I’m so very happy for her – and for myself, because hopefully I get to go to the wedding! An American wedding is bound to be awesome no matter what.

Man, oh man, I’m already brainstorming about the perfect wedding gift. This is going to be bananas.

(I’m sort of channeling my inner Kate McKinley just by thinking of this. I should squee or something. /End obscure reference)


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