This week’s Buzzfeed

Buzzfeed never fails to deliver the nostalgia. My favorite articles this past week are almost exclusively Boy Meets World-related.
(Svensk titel: Här är ditt liv, Cory)

37 Times Shawn Hunter From ”Boy Meets World” Was A Total Dreamboat
24 Lessons We Learned From Watching Eric Matthews On ”Boy Meets World”
18 Things We Learned From “Boy Meets World”
17 Celebrities You Forgot Were On “Boy Meets World”
The Cast Of Boy Meets World Reunited
The 33 Most ’90s Moments On “Dawson’s Creek”

And one related 9GAG-post:
Recent pictures of the casts of 90s TV shows

Boy Meets World

Sidebar: I am actually looking forward to the Girl Meets World-reboot, even though I expect it to be sort of lame and awkward. I still need to watch it, the way I need to watch Baby Daddy even though it makes me cringe sometimes.

The Official Theme Song and Opening Credits
Premieres June 27 in US (Disney Channel)!


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