Valpdagbok: Sniff’s first vacay!

”My first vacation was PAWsome! My family and I went to Havsnäs in Jämtland, and besides from being eaten by lots of mosquitos, I got to play with my friend Hollie and run around in the woods! Yay! Time for a photo bomb!”

20150721_132203 20150721_132343
This is me! I just arrived and the yellow cabin is where I stayed with my mommy and daddy!

My first time at the Åsele market! There was a whole day full of exciting stuff for me to sniff. I was super good and nearly didn’t cause any ruckus! And there were tons of other dogs there, too!

20150721_134501 20150721_134638
This is my friend Hollie, a grand german shepherd! We had fun, even though she got a bit sick of my antics from time to time… But she also broke two of my favorite toys, hahaha!

20150721_163254 20150721_163313
We chased and we played and we ran and we kicked the ball around and we went on walks with Hollie’s mommy and we investigated the forest and we HAD SO MUCH FUN YAY!

”We also visited a place called Skansen Alanäs, but my mommy will write about that some other time. And that was my vacay! That, and sitting in the car for really long amounts of time, but luckily we stopped a lot and I even got to tag along when we ate at Rasta Tönnebro, because dogs were allowed on the patio outside! Lucky me!

Thanks for having me, Hollie!

Woof woof!”

Sniff i Havsnäs! Roligaste stället för en liten hund! Här leker hon med sin polare Hollie, som är Simons mammas hund.

Deras katt Frida försvann några dagar innan vi kom dit, men igår ringde Simons mamma och berättade att någon har sett Frida! Vi hoppas jättemycket att hon kommer hem snart!

20141224_201808 20141224_192202
Frida i julas! Kom hem snart!


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