New York Plans

So, we’re going to New York for two weeks in September/October, and our schedule is packed. And tight.

First, we’ll visit Kristine for a couple of days, for the funsies. We’ll be staying at Holiday Inn in Mt. Kisco, which is about an hour outside of Manhattan. We’ll be going to diners and shopping malls and doing other regularities to ease Simon into the American way. It’s his first time travelling overseas!

Both Simon and I wanted to go see an NHL game live, but unfortunately the season opens the same day we go back home, so instead we’re catching a pre-season game, New York Rangers vs. Philadelphia Flyers. I wanted to go with Kristine to an Islanders game, and Simon wanted to see New York Rangers, because apparently all Swedes just looove the Rangers. He had the choice between Flyers or Boston Bruins, and he wanted to see the Bruins, so this way everyone doesn’t get what they want. Yay.

The reason we can’t see Boston play is because the date wouldn’t work as well around our trip to Las Vegas. We’ll be there fours days, which was plenty enough last time I was there with Kristine, and then we go back to Mt. Kisco another four days so we can spend the weekend with Kristine. We have plans to go to Six Flags, unless the weather completely fails us.

And if that wasn’t enough, we still have another five days in Manhattan! We’ll most likely stay at the same hotel I stayed the first time I was there, and hopefully it won’t be as hot this time. I don’t think we’ll be going to many tourist attractions, since I’ve already seen most and Simon is uninterested in anything that’s done on a height. I want to go to some book stores, museums and maybe see the dinosaurs again, and Simon’s only request is a guided tour of Madison Square Garden.

I’m also going to show him all the food. Like, all of it.

Other than all that, I have to study for an exam, since I miss two weeks of school (we booked the trip before I was admitted). We’ll probably be on Skype every day, to make sure out pets are alive, too. Sniff is staying with Simon’s mom, and I’m going to force my mom to take care of Rambo.

We (and by ’we’, I mean I) have already booked the flight tickets and the pre-season game tickets. I need to book the hotels and the flight to Vegas, but I’m considering watiting with the hotels in Vegas and Manhattan until we get there.

The flight tickets cost 5819 (we paid more to get a better airline), and the flight to Vegas will be about 3200. The hotels will cost almost 25000 for two weeks, but we chose to stay in nicer and costlier places, since we’re both a bit picky about sleeping arrangements.

And best of all, I get to see Kristine and her family again. It’s going to be awesome, can’t wait!

(I made all the plans yesterday, with hotels and costs and dates, and afterwards fell promptly asleep at 7 PM, because I’m old. My little brain couldn’t take all the excitement, I guess.)


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