Twigg’s Touch Line Photo Bomb

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”Hello! My name is Sniff and I’m an 8 week old labrador retriever! My fancy name is Twigg’s Touch Line, and I’m from the labrador kennel Twiggs in Ärla.
We were seven siblings in my litter, and now I have a ”big” brother named Rambo and two big sisters called Lottie and Hollie. My godmother is Elin, and her jack russell Pixy will be my friend! Right now I’m learning how to pee outside and explore the snowy backyard. I also have a pig that I love to play with! These are my pictures from Instagram, you can check me out at the account campciabatta
My new mommy and daddy love me very much, and I love them too (though I’m especially Daddy’s little girl right now)! You will see me a lot, now when I’m a member of the family! Woof woof!”


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