Sniff’s First Month Photo Bomb

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”I’m three months old tomorrow, and let me tell you, what a month! While my mommy and daddy have been super boring busy putting all their – and MINE! – stuff in boxes, I have met plenty of new friends! I also met my very own dogsitters and they seem GREAT! I’ve also met a human baby (what a riot!) and my grumpy big sister Lottie! My big brother, even though he’s MUCH smaller than me, and I also went to the vet together. I was being a good doggy even though I had my shot. This week is very exciting for me, because mommy says we’re MOVING to a new place – what ever could that mean?? As you can see by the pictures, my hobbies currently include sleeping, napping and posing for that weird thing mommy keeps pointing at my face. I’m so big that I can jump into Rambo’s cage and visit him! (That was so much fun that I’m never allowed to do it again.) I’m all ready for taking long walks in the forest and meeting many new dogfriends! I’m fun, I promise! Now I’m ready to see what this NEW PLACE is about and why my favorite teddybear has to live in a box until tomorrow. Next time you’ll see me I’ll be THIS BIG!! Woof woof!”

”Psst! Check out valpdagbok for more updates from me!”